Competitive Intelligence Services

In order to successfully enter into a market and to sustain, companies need to have an idea about the already existing competition in that particular market. What your competitors are doing, where they are investing, what new products they are launching, what strategies they are adopting to lead the market, are some of the services that Citius Research would cater to. Competitive analysis helps you learn from businesses competing for your potential customers. This is key to defining a competitive edge that creates sustainable revenue. Several players in an industry strive to compete and position their product higher. That is where an entrant or an already established player should benchmark their competitors and proceed accordingly.

We at Citius Research help businesses to know their competitors inside out and to position themselves accordingly. It is important to understand how different brands are positioned, so a company can ensure there is sufficient distinctive clear blue water between them and the competition.

We use a range of statistical techniques such as brand mapping to assess which brands own different positions, and derived importance to assess what drives satisfaction and loyalty to competing brands. Moreover, Brands can have quite different “positions” in different industry verticals. It is important in any competitor analysis that we establish in which segments companies are relatively strong or relatively weak, as well as how brands are growing and the nature of the opportunities and threats. We at Citius Research track and aggregate a range of different news, social media and marketing sources to provide real-time intelligence to empower our clients’ business.

  • Company Profiles and Assessment
  • Market Share
  • Price Advantage
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Market Perception