About Us

We are an international market research firm that provides clients with in-depth insight and recommendations into the global marketplace. We are solution providers to our clients to identify and capitalize on market opportunities, discover their full potential, and navigate the global economy. We provide data by combining efficient data tools and infographics, to help you develop market entry plans and succeed. Our services cater to a wide spectrum of industries –

  • • Aerospace and Defence
  • • Agriculture
  • • Automotive and Transportation
  • • Biotechnology
  • • Chemicals and Materials
  • • Consumer Goods
  • • Energy and Power
  • • Food and Beverages
  • • Healthcare
  • • Information and Communications Technology
  • • Machinery and Equipment
  • • Manufacturing and Construction
  • • Packaging
  • • Semiconductors and Electronics

We provide custom-made reports as per the client's requirements for various markets and have also published over 250 syndicated reports.

What We Do

Customer and Market Assessment

We help customers to explore new markets and help them to be at par with the leaders in their market.
  • • Market Sizing
  • • Pricing Analysis
  • • Market Entry Strategies
  • • Customer Survey
  • • Opportunity Analysis
  • • Market Segmentation

New Product Development

Pricing and product comparison analysis helps our clients to position their product in the market by understanding the competitors’ products.

  • • Pricing Research
  • • Product Comparison
  • • Product Validation
  • • Proposition
  • • Brand Concept

Brand Research

We help clients study and target the customer base by understanding the needs and attitude of consumers and helping the clients to enhance their brand positioning.

  • • Brand Positioning
  • • Brand Equity
  • • Price Trend Analysis
  • • Customer Preferences

Risk Assessment

We help our clients to gauge the impact of market entry crisis and provide them with risk management strategies through quantitative as well as qualitative approaches.

  • • Risk Identification
  • • Qualitative Risk Analysis
  • • Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • • Risk Response Planning
  • • Risk Monitoring and Control

Citius Research along with these services provides our clients with solutions such as market research reports, market risk analysis, competitive intelligence, developing new business channels, building business plans and overcoming challenging situations. Our market research specialists offer real-time data analysis and insights by connecting with industry experts.

Why Choose Us

Uniquely designed market studies, with analysis developed through on-ground research, we provide reports to our clients, who are looking for a study with precision and deep dive analysis of the markets that serve their purpose of buying our reports.With reports developed for multiple domains, we have a vast client base across the globe. Our clients have experienced a 360 degree satisfaction through our reports which have helped them to develop robust revenue structure for their business. Our highly skilled research team strives to fulfil the client’s demands by providing post-sales support, along with additional customisations through consulting.